The ‘Free Churo’ (The Eulogy) episode of Bojack Horseman is troublingly dark, but one of the best episodes the show. Absolutely fantastic.

I C U.

I am exactly 0% surprised or shocked about this. Don’t be fooled by the frill and pomp, the Queen is very much still the boss.…

It’d all be so much simpler if we instead consumed the energy that nature gives us for free. 🤷‍♂️

We owe Russia the Nord Stream pipeline over Nazi atrocities, says German president…

This whole thing gets more and more sickening. All the while, this shit is still strapped to the sides of hundreds of occupied buildings.…

Bought this during the ‘on-prem’ #TescoTuesday trip. No idea what it was, seemed like a good deal.

Google says it’s a pomelo, which is a fancy citrus fruit, biggest of them all.

See, despite lockdown, we can still find excitement in our lives 😂

Ofc it’s wrapped in plastic..

First Hot Cross Buns of the year too! Bonus! 🤤

Braved the actual shop following our #TescoTuesday news. 🛒 Let’s just hope they really meant that it is cancelled!

Store was very quiet, mask enforcement, hand sanitiser, etc. Managed to get everything on this list (few yellow stickers too!)

Excitement for the week over 😌

Bad news.

This week’s #TescoTuesday has been cancelled due to the “severe” weather 🙄 Told we can reschedule 😁 Next slot? 1st March 😒

So much for stay-home Valentines dinner!😑

This time last year we were in NYC 🇺🇸 sipping cocktails in a rooftop bar🍸 How things change!😩

It’s a little chilly outside! We’ve had two days of light snow and now have a good inch or so! Makes a nice change from the rain. 😁❄️⛄️

Today’s day-off project: Install new blinds in the conservatory. 1 down, 3 to go. Snowing outside too!

Snow?! Ha, not a chance.

We will REBUILD!!! Also, great wine, on offer at Tesco.

That’d be takeaway time then. 😩 Luckily it was only a glass of wine that was lost, not the whole bottle.

Well, TIL! I admire and respect any and all lengths taken to produce better plonk. 🍷🇫🇷

Bordeaux hits back with balloons that turn hail into harmless rain…

Mr Owl teaching kids in Hong Kong about The National Security law? Truly terrifying.

Propaganda by cartoon in Hong Kong…

Right, that’s work done for the day!

Taking next week off which means I’ve got nine days to see if I can find where I left my positive mood.

Wish me luck!

Just learning of the MV Arvin accident in the Black Sea in January. The vessel dramatically snapped in half during bad weather while at anchor off of Bartin, Turkey. Interesting situation, especially with the recording of the event and a poorly executed Mayday.…

It’s a gorgeous calm day in Upnor today with the sun now well and truly with us at 8am in the morning. Not a hint of wind and a barmy 8°c! Looking like that will change over the weekend with our first forecast of snow.

Whoops. Forgot to take the wine off of the Tesco order. 🍷🤷‍♂️ Three subs today, Risotto Rice (which we’ve never yet received), Fresh Basil and Loose Tomatoes #TescoTuesday

Not familiar with the Vendée Globe? Listen to this fantastic BBC World Service 20min clip, it’s absolutely fantastic:…

🦠 Just been and done our 5th lateral flow test at Chattenden. Quiet today, only one booth running. Staff said you can basically come as often as you feel necessary, no need to stick to every two weeks. Seems sensible since the demand appears to be tailing off.

I’m negative 😁

Not the best start to 2021, only hit 4 of my 14 monthly goals. But I wasn’t too well for at least a week of that and still don’t feel that great.

It was a start though and in hibernation mode we’ve manage to cut our costs back like crazy (except for the rowing machine).

February is going to be better, I can feel it.

Sorry, but they are the ones putting themselves in harms way.

Bailiffs risk burying HS2 activists alive in tunnels, says eviction veteran…

No. Consumers should stop slaughter of animals full stop. Eating meat is a barbaric practice that’s no longer necessary.

Consumers should demand humane slaughter of pigs…

Why are we still putting plastic stickers on fruit?